Wednesday, 2 May 2012


                                                     My favourite piece of  technology

            The technology is a good tool for the humanity, a  tool that has been  utilized of bad form because it`s has been for destroyer and divide the society. But, still when It has  this repercussion, the technology is very important and interesting for me because this has marked great part of my live, in special the portable music player (mp3 player) because the music is a beautiful and harmonic creation and this device achieve to take the music to all part and of practical form. thanks to this we can to take our world to all places and inclusive share our world with the rest of people.

                        A world without music isn´t world, and a life without world, isn´t a life.

Thanks for your attention and expect that this will be of your liking


  1. The mp3 is a great piece of technology

  2. I agree, sometimes the technology divide the people, but when we use for good things, it is very important tool.

  3. The mp3 is cool!!
    I love listen music when I go to the university :)

  4. The mp3 is a great invention because I agree with you in that "A world without music isn´t world". The mp3 allow us to listen to music in anywhere.