Wednesday, 9 May 2012


                                                               My Best Friend

M.... My best Friend?  
       ¿what can I say of He?.......

                          Well, my best Friend is a person very important in my school stage, and now I can´t see, because he´s very far but even the conceive as My Best Friend, even we comunicated by diverse means of comunicated; Facebook, telephone, Skype, etc....
         He was in other curse but shared something in common, a hobby, to both liked the sport specifically the Marcial Art.... Kick Boxing and Karate kyokushin. My worse memory with he is very complicated because isn´t a m.... normal situation? is complicated because wn lived a horrible moment the death of a friend. And my best memories?? m.. it´s many, the most notable was when went to slither in the Dunas, when happen notable things and of the keep good moment.

Thanks for your attention and expect that this will be of your liking


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