Wednesday, 27 June 2012


                                                              My favorite movie
                                                           The fight club

          This movie is considerate a cult movie for its content and its critic to emergent consume society and clearly for it`s a movie that represent the reality of the moment and of the generation.

The fight Club is about a man that is dominated for this consume society and in his subconscious his reveal or manifest  in form of a second personality that appear in moment of insomnia, a personality  that present a conduct totally anti system and that have as finality  to destroy the economic structure of world, wall street. The protagonists is a Edward Norton as First personality and as second personality to Brad Pitt. 

    But  a personality (second) is present as a personage imaginary or imaginary friend that coexist whit the personage principal in the real live without have of that is a construction of his imaginary.

This history takes place in United States and its premise or message of this movie is: 

                       "The Perfectionism is some0thing of weak people, but the self- destruction is the only think that makes life   really  worth while"

   Thanks for your attention and expect that this will be of your taste

Wednesday, 20 June 2012


                                Michael Foucault

       The Person that ispire me is a great writer, a very important autor in the politic philosophy, because his investigation and his postulate was revolutionary for all world in the social ciences area, His contribute to the study of politic was very very important and incredible. His initial vision was the archaeology of learning, vision that structurate the knowledge acumulated in a consistent line and  in a explanatory form and his second vision,  the most important vision,  was the genealogical ¿why was the most important vision? because was revolitionary by propose a new form of to see the power in the society and a new form of arganize the structure of power, the power  is in the interpersonal relationship and is not in the structure or institusion administraive.        Michael Foucault inspire me because his postulated was and is a form the analize the reality very interesting and useful, and is my topic (the genealogical vision) for all the investigation of social sciences.

    Thanks for your attention and expect that this will be of       your taste.