Wednesday, 27 June 2012


                                                              My favorite movie
                                                           The fight club

          This movie is considerate a cult movie for its content and its critic to emergent consume society and clearly for it`s a movie that represent the reality of the moment and of the generation.

The fight Club is about a man that is dominated for this consume society and in his subconscious his reveal or manifest  in form of a second personality that appear in moment of insomnia, a personality  that present a conduct totally anti system and that have as finality  to destroy the economic structure of world, wall street. The protagonists is a Edward Norton as First personality and as second personality to Brad Pitt. 

    But  a personality (second) is present as a personage imaginary or imaginary friend that coexist whit the personage principal in the real live without have of that is a construction of his imaginary.

This history takes place in United States and its premise or message of this movie is: 

                       "The Perfectionism is some0thing of weak people, but the self- destruction is the only think that makes life   really  worth while"

   Thanks for your attention and expect that this will be of your taste

Wednesday, 20 June 2012


                                Michael Foucault

       The Person that ispire me is a great writer, a very important autor in the politic philosophy, because his investigation and his postulate was revolutionary for all world in the social ciences area, His contribute to the study of politic was very very important and incredible. His initial vision was the archaeology of learning, vision that structurate the knowledge acumulated in a consistent line and  in a explanatory form and his second vision,  the most important vision,  was the genealogical ¿why was the most important vision? because was revolitionary by propose a new form of to see the power in the society and a new form of arganize the structure of power, the power  is in the interpersonal relationship and is not in the structure or institusion administraive.        Michael Foucault inspire me because his postulated was and is a form the analize the reality very interesting and useful, and is my topic (the genealogical vision) for all the investigation of social sciences.

    Thanks for your attention and expect that this will be of       your taste.        

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

                                                            My favorite Photograph


                                   Well, this is my favorite photograph, it was  really a  beautiful moment and keeps memory alive, because in this photograph    my complete family and a very important person for me appear.  In that moment my family and me were taking a walk and  having a picnic in the elqui river and this image was takend in the Elqui Valley in the region of Coquimbo, Chile, and it was takend for me  since 3 years ago =D  As I don´t live with my family, this moment is unforguettable  and priceless. 

                 This is a very beautiful place,  I like it so much  and I go to this place every time that I can go.
 I have lots of  moments and incredible experiences in this place,  It is a Magic and perfect place to rest and enjoy, I invited you to come to this beautiful place.

                                     Thanks for your attention and expect that this will be of your taste.        

Wednesday, 9 May 2012


                                                               My Best Friend

M.... My best Friend?  
       ¿what can I say of He?.......

                          Well, my best Friend is a person very important in my school stage, and now I can´t see, because he´s very far but even the conceive as My Best Friend, even we comunicated by diverse means of comunicated; Facebook, telephone, Skype, etc....
         He was in other curse but shared something in common, a hobby, to both liked the sport specifically the Marcial Art.... Kick Boxing and Karate kyokushin. My worse memory with he is very complicated because isn´t a m.... normal situation? is complicated because wn lived a horrible moment the death of a friend. And my best memories?? m.. it´s many, the most notable was when went to slither in the Dunas, when happen notable things and of the keep good moment.

Thanks for your attention and expect that this will be of your liking


Wednesday, 2 May 2012


                                                     My favourite piece of  technology

            The technology is a good tool for the humanity, a  tool that has been  utilized of bad form because it`s has been for destroyer and divide the society. But, still when It has  this repercussion, the technology is very important and interesting for me because this has marked great part of my live, in special the portable music player (mp3 player) because the music is a beautiful and harmonic creation and this device achieve to take the music to all part and of practical form. thanks to this we can to take our world to all places and inclusive share our world with the rest of people.

                        A world without music isn´t world, and a life without world, isn´t a life.

Thanks for your attention and expect that this will be of your liking

Wednesday, 18 April 2012


                                                                     The great concert

                  In September of last year I went to concert of Calle 13 in the Movistar Arena, and the context it was very shaken because Residente (vocalist of Calle 13) leaned and went up to national leaders to the stage by that them spoken  to all about the education problem. 

The presentation of Calle 13 It was spectacular, the songs and the productions it was very very god, I remember that the song "calm town", of the last disc, It was chanted by all, an It was incredible and motivated 
The concert last long two hours, it was a beautiful experience and haunting moment because Calle 13 It´s a great band and a of my inspiration. 

This concert was a great experience and I want share whit you

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

My name is Anael Canihuante GutiƩrrez
I`m 21 years old and I live in Santiago, Chile and I from of Coquimbo, Chile
I am study Public administration in the University of Chile, I am curse third year of career. My motivation for study this career was my interesting  in the area of political science and in the motto that the university promove. 

In the course of career I have fascinated in the Economy, because It`s a important tool by understand this social problems and find a solution to this, promove the human development and the equity in the distribution of the national entry (P.I.B)

That's all, thank you for you attention