Wednesday, 27 June 2012


                                                              My favorite movie
                                                           The fight club

          This movie is considerate a cult movie for its content and its critic to emergent consume society and clearly for it`s a movie that represent the reality of the moment and of the generation.

The fight Club is about a man that is dominated for this consume society and in his subconscious his reveal or manifest  in form of a second personality that appear in moment of insomnia, a personality  that present a conduct totally anti system and that have as finality  to destroy the economic structure of world, wall street. The protagonists is a Edward Norton as First personality and as second personality to Brad Pitt. 

    But  a personality (second) is present as a personage imaginary or imaginary friend that coexist whit the personage principal in the real live without have of that is a construction of his imaginary.

This history takes place in United States and its premise or message of this movie is: 

                       "The Perfectionism is some0thing of weak people, but the self- destruction is the only think that makes life   really  worth while"

   Thanks for your attention and expect that this will be of your taste

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